Power Washing

Dirty Dog Carpet and Surface Cleaning.

We clean more than just carpet and floors! We specialize in house washing, pressure washing, concrete cleaning and most any exterior surface! Power washing is a great way to clean walkways, driveways and any surface outside that attracts dirt, mold or bacteria!

House Washing

Your home’s exterior is exposed to the elements, all year long. Sun, rain, and snow are hard on siding and wood trim. Our power washing service will keep your house clean, which can prevent the exterior siding and trim from rotting and wearing prematurely.

Concrete Cleaning

With our truckmount cleaning system, we can clean every surface, including concrete. we can wash and clean concrete floors in unfinished basements and even in commercial restaurants or businesses!

Exterior Surfaces

Power washing is the best way to clean exterior surfaces. House washing, concrete cleaning, sidewalks, gutter cleaning and even driveways are all surfaces that Dirty Dog Carpet and Surface cleaning can help renew!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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