Happy New Year!

We are excited to move into the new year and look forward to working with you, our loyal customers, and new customers we will meet in 2022! 2021 was a great year for us here at Dirty Dog Carpet, Surface and Duct cleaning! Here are a few highlights from last year!

Winner of 2021 Shenandoah Valley’s Best

We were excited and grateful to our customers for nominating us as best carpet cleaner in the Valley. We work very hard to provide quality service, at a great value, to every one of our customers! We hope to become the preferred carpet cleaner of even more people in Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas in 2022!

100 Reviews on GOOGLE!

Customer service is our top priority. We received over 100 Google reviews last year! This shows that we offer quality service and we take care of you, our loyal customers! Thank you so much for making us one of the top ranked carpet cleaning, power washing, and air duct cleaning businesses in Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas! We hope to reach 200 reviews this year!

We have added NEW SERVICES!

We are happy to announce that we added two new services last year: Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning, and Asphalt Sealcoating! We have invested in the latest, state of the art equipment to professionally clean air ducts and dryer vents! This is a great service which will help ensure you are breathing clean air, by removing dust and dirt, bacteria, allergens, and anything else that gets into the air ducts of your home!  This will help keep service costs down for your HVAC system! Clean air ducts and furnaces will allow your system to run efficiently, and effectively, so it won’t have to work so hard. This keeps money in your pocket!

Air Duct Cleaning

We also invested in equipment to professionally repair cracks in asphalt and sealcoat parking lots and driveways! Paving is expensive, maintain your driveways and parking lots for much less!

Community Service

At Dirty Dog we are committed to helping our local community and we plan to take on one community service project every month in 2022! Last year, we were able to sponsor some local events and recreational teams, power wash the exterior of Anicira in Harrisonburg, and clean the air ducts at the Mercy House in Harrisonburg too! We also cleaned carpets  and air ducts for a couple of customers who were going through difficult times, and just needed some help! This year, we are looking for ways to donate our time and service to local nonprofits, charities, and people in need. If you know a way we can help, please reach out to us!

Dirty Dog with the Anicira team!


We appreciate every single one our customers who choose Dirty Dog Carpet, Surface and Duct Cleaning! Please reach out to us for all of your carpet cleaning, power washing, sealcoating, and air duct cleaning needs! Of course, we can help with upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning as well! You can keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram and of course at www.dirtydogcleaning.com! Thanks for following our blog!

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