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Anicira is a nonprofit veterinary center in Harrisonburg that provides care to dogs, cats, and rabbits. They first opened in Harrisonburg as a low cost spay and neuter facility. Today they also offer dental and oral surgery, general surgery and orthopedic surgery amongst many other services. Their main goal is still to end animal suffering and unnecessary euthanasia by making veterinary care accessible and affordable.

With the support of many donors and access to grants, Anicira is able to provide free veterinary care to many qualifying clients. They are able to assist nearly anyone who needs their services, but may have difficulty affording them. Their low prices are available to everyone, regardless of residency or income.

Our team with some of the staff at Anicira!

Anicira has actually cared for our “Dirty Dog”, Marley, since he was a pup, about 12 years now! We noticed that their facility in Harrisonburg had some discoloration and growth on the building and could use a good soft washing of the siding, and exterior surface cleaning of the entrance and walkways. With all that Anicira does in the community to help our animals, we thought it was only right that we offer some free time on a Saturday to clean the exterior of their facility for them! Check out some before and after pictures below!

By using the proper equipment and soft washing method we can clean the high, hard to get spots, and freshen up the walkways and most any surface safely! Check us out online to schedule at or give us a call at 540-209-8416!

This beautiful pup is looking for a forever home! Call Anicira for more info!

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