Spring Cleaning… Outside? Let’s talk House Washing!

Dirty Dog Carpet and Surface Cleaning is not only a carpet cleaner. In fact, we take just as much pride on your home’s exterior, as we do cleaning the carpets inside. Power washing is a very important home maintenance item, that is often over looked. Read below to see why Dirty Dog should power wash your homes exterior at least once a year, depending on the climate in which you live. If you are in Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Charlottesville then we are here to help!

#1 Preventative Maintenance

Your home is exposed to the elements all year long, and the winter months can be very hard on your homes exterior. Power washing, or house washing, can keep the exterior clean and prevent damage caused by the sun, snow, rain and other natural elements. The soffits, siding and wooden trim are susceptible to rot as water sits on the surface, and absorbs into the wood. Over time, this can create “wood rot” which makes these components susceptible to rotting from the inside out. Once this begins, further damage can occur, and the repairs can be very costly. By keeping your homes exterior clean and power washing it regularly, you can prevent damage, which will save you hundreds, possibly thousands, on repairs.

#2 Curb Appeal

The problem with rain, snow, and weather in general, is it can leave your house looking brown, green, or just “dirty” on the outside. Our house washing process will not only help your investment last, but it will make it look much better! We power wash with environmentally friendly, green label cleaners and also take care around your landscape to ensure that your plants and home are not damaged. We can not only clean the exterior of your home, but we can clean concrete too! Walkways, driveways, and decks… we can clean it all!

#3 Family Health

A clean house, is a healthy house! Our house washing process not only makes your house look better, but it eliminates the mold and bacteria that builds up, which is not good for anyone!

#4 Preparation for Painting

Do you have plans to paint your home this year? If so, the first step to painting the exterior of any home or building, is to ensure there is a clean surface to paint! Power washing will give the painters a clean “canvas” and ensure that the paint will adhere to the clean surface to help eliminate paint failure.

#5 Environmentally Friendly

We will use environmentally friendly products in most cases to clean the exterior of your home when power washing. We avoid harsh chemicals that may damage plants or be unsafe for your pets whenever possible. If there is a tough area that will not come clean, we will have your approval before power washing with any chemicals that are not green and environmentally friendly. In this case we would take steps to protect your plants and landscape from any runoff so that they are not hurt or affected.

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