Carpet: Your Home’s Biggest Air Filter?

We all know that our home has a filter in the air conditioning system, but did you know that your carpet is a major contributing factor to the condition of the air you breathe? Clean air is important for our health, and smells best too! What many people do not know, is that the carpet in your home or business, is the biggest air filter of all!

Here are a few reasons we recommended to have your carpet cleaned with a professional extraction system at least once a year…

Improved Air Quality – Our carpets are the resting place for allergens, bacteria and even carpet mites or dust mites that we can only see under a microscope. As we walk on carpet, these things are stirred up and get into the air in our home. This can be a contributing factor to our personal health, so cleaning and disinfecting the carpets regularly can make the air we breathe much cleaner! This is also very important in the winter time, since most people spend more time inside due to colder temperatures.

Carpet Durability- Replacing carpet is not cheap, so we want to do what we can to help the carpet last. Cleaning the carpet is a great way to prevent premature wear and tear. Using an extraction system to clean carpet will remove dirt and microbial bacteria that settles and can damage the carpet fibers as we walk on it. By keeping the carpet clean, we can prevent premature wear and tear, making the carpet last longer, and saving the expense of an early carpet replacement. We can also install a carpet protectant, which will prevent dirt and soils from settling in, and increase the possibilities of removing stains when spills occur on the carpet!

Odor- Although many things can cause a bad smell in the air, our carpet is often the unsuspected culprit! We love to spend time in our homes with our families, children and our pets, but as we do our carpets absorb a lot of things not seen by the naked eye. In turn, the dirt, dust, and bacteria that settles into carpet can create an unwanted odor in our home, which is tough to cover up or remove. By extracting these things from the carpet, we can limit the potential of displeasing odors in our homes. We can also add a deodorizer to the carpet, which comes in many very pleasant scents!

Have questions about the services we offer to clean, disinfect, deodorize and protect your carpet while helping keep your home’s air clean and healthy? Give us a call at 540-209-8416 or email us at We proudly service Harrisonburg, Staunton, Charlottesville and the surrounding areas! Of course, you can always schedule appointments directly at too!

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